Prepositions of Place and Movement



Learning with News

Here are some interesting videos about unusual news:

Here’s the website:

Dubbing movie clips

An excellent way of practicing pronunciation and intonation is dubbing a movie clip.

Let’s try dubbing Billy Elliot!

Movie scene:

Get into pairs and dub the scene. Here is the  Script 

  • Now get into small groups and do it yourselves! Choose any movie clip you like!You can use this website to download any movie subtitles from UTube.

You must use the free software to record the audio together with the scene: OBS: Open Broadcaster Software.

Now fill in this form and present it to your teacher on Monday 10th February.

And this is how you will be evaluated.

  • Rubric
1 Beginner 2 Needs to improve 3 Good 4 Very good 5 Excellent
Pronunciation (50%) 1 2 3 4 5
Fluency (15%) 0,3 0,6 0,9 1,2 1,5
Intonation (25%) 0,5 1 1,5 2 2,5
Collaborative work (10%)

[Participates actively]

0,2 0,4 0,6 0,8 1
TOTAL GRADE (over 10)


Teachers: Irene Pastor/ Manel Bernabeu

Let’s talk about films or series





Are you a Netflix fan? What’s your favourite series? Which is your favourite scene? Why would you recommend it?



Before sharing your answers to these questions, let’s look at some vocabulary related to entertainment:



14 audience        15 character      16 episode      17 hit        18 performance

19 soundtrack     20 special effects

reviews      actor/actress

Taken from Real World, 3rd ESO Course Book, Pearson.

Adjectives to describe a film/series/book:


charming comical charismatic
enjoyable entertaining original
tender hilarious absorbing
sensitive funny intriguing


second-rate violent disappointing
third-rate stupid juvenile
boring distasteful ordinary
disgusting senseless static
brutal confused disappointing
predictable silly uninteresting
strange scary dramatic

Now you can try this crossword in pairs.Resource_40


Now, in pairs, talk with your partner about your favourite film or TV series. Fill in this form with the answers.SPEAKING_Films

        1. What’s your favourite film/series?
        2. What type of series is it?
        3. What’s it about?
        4. Who’s in it? Who are the main actors/actresses?
        5. What’s it like?

Christmas activities

Connect your ideas when speaking

Sometimes, English students speak English as if it were a telegram! Connectors are words that are used to connect our ideas, also when talking.
Here you have some useful ones:

Now let’s practise!

For 2 minutes, talk about a topic, using these connectors:
Talk about…MUSIC

Test your listening skills with a song

You can download this exercise: Fill in the blanks with the lyrics.